Cowboy Bebop (For Those of You Who don’t Know What This AMAZING Anime Is! ;D) *SPOILERS FROM A CERTAIN PART IN WHICH I WILL INFORM YOU!*

About two months ago if you asked me if I liked anime, to tell you the truth I probably would have said no because “it seems really weird and there’s sexual parts”. Now that I have watched ONE anime that statement is KIND OF true, but anime isn’t as weird as I thought and there isn’t as much sexual things in them than I (again) thought there was. Also, anime is weird to you (Well, at least me) at FIRST, but then you watch a couple more episodes and you get used to it and don’t even notice it! 🙂

Now to get onto what this post is about! My first anime (and honestly the ONLY one) that I have watched is “Cowboy Bebop”. Cowboy Bebop takes place in the future (2071) where humans are able to live on Mars and other planets other than just Earth It’s about two bounty hunters named Spike Spiegel and Jet Black that live on a spaceship called the “Bebop”. And you should know that it is rated PG 13 (just in case there are younger audiences reading this…) ***SPOILERS FROM THIS POINT AND ON!!!! ANYONE THAT IS CURRENTLY ALREADY WATCHING THE TV SERIES WHO HAS NOT BEFORE DO NOT READ ANY FURTHER!!!!***It’s just Spike and Jet until in the second session (they call them sessions instead of episodes) when they adopt a dog named Ein because of what happens in the session and then in the next session they meet Faye Valentine who has money debts because of cheating and losing at MANY casinos. At the end of the session she decides to become a bounty hunter and basically forces Spike and Jet to let her live with them. Session 5 is a BIG session because it’s the first session that you learn about Spike’s past (which is a VERY sad past…T_T). All you learn from this session is that Spike used to be part of a syndicate along with his best friend (now enemy) Vicious. Also, three years ago Spike “died” (aka he faked his own death). Another thing you learn is that Vicious had a girlfriend and during a mob battle Spike got injured very badly and went to her place where she took care of Spike and they fell in love. It isn’t until session 8 that you meet the weird, funny, “Radical Edward” (who by the way, is yes, a girl! ^_^ Spike, Jet, Faye and the people who watch CB usually question if she’s a girl or a boy cause you can’t tell.) who is the ULTIMATE comic relief for the show! 😀 Here are some clips showing her awesome, weirdness! ;D

In the next session, you learn about Jet’s past with a women named Elise and also, he used to be a cop with the nickname “the Black Dog” cause once he bites he never let’s go. The next session “Toys In The Attic” is one of my favourite episodes cause…well…you’ll just have to watch the session to find out! ;D Session 12 is the first 2 parter of the show and it’s called “Jupiter Jazz”. It was quite good, but a particular part at the end kind of freaked me out… -_-” (**SPOILERS** The part about Gren…-_-” *nervous/awkward cough*) Asides from that…awkward part…it was pretty good!! 🙂 This is the first session that you learn more about the woman in one of Spike’s flashbacks in the 5th session and that her name is Julia. Vicious was back and he asks the leaders of the syndicate (which is called the Red Dragon Crime Syndicate) if he can sell red-eye (which is a drug that makes you invincible for a period of time) on the moon of a planet called Callisto. They let him, but someone from the syndicate named Lin has to go with Vicious just in case Vicious tries anything (aka betray the syndicate). Meanwhile Faye has run off with all of the Bebop crew’s money and their antifreeze that makes the ship cool. Ed (who, by the way is a pro hacker ^_^) tries to find Faye through her (‘her’ being Ed) computer, but instead of finding Faye she finds a signal for codename “Julia” from the “Blue Crow” on Callisto. Before Ed finds out who’s sending the signal the signal gets cut off and Spike runs off because he believes that they’re talking about his Julia and he sets out to find Julia. Meanwhile, Faye is actually ON Callisto and she catches a cold and decides to go to “The Blue Crow” which is a bar where someone is playing the saxophone. ‘Mr. Saxophone’ (as Faye likes to call him) finishes his jazz song and decides to talk to Faye. Faye finds out that ‘Mr.Saxophone’s’ name is Gren and he warns her that she’s the only women on Callisto so men will be interested in her, but Faye just says that she can fend for herself (which she can). Faye takes off looking for some guys to fight because she wants to ‘have some fun’, but Gren comes along and “saves her” (even though she does NOT need his help with fighting people) and takes her to his apartment. They talk for a bit and then Gren decides to take a shower leaving Faye alone to snoop. She finds a picture of Gren and Vicious and on cue the phone rings and because Faye doesn’t pick it up it goes to voice mail and the caller is…Vicious. Faye, knowing that Vicious kidnapped her and tried to kill Spike, takes out her gun and goes to where Gren is showering and she pulls back the shower curtain to reveal…something that I won’t tell you guys! You’ll just have to watch CB to find out! Meanwhile, Spike is on Callisto and he asks around and people are telling him to talk to someone named Gren. He runs into a gang who mistake Spike for Vicious (which is a REALLY bad move considering how much Spike hates Vicious…O.O) Spike attacks the gang and learns about the Red Eye exchange between Vicious and Gren. Spike searches for  Vicious and finds him in a snowy field with Lin (who was friends with Spike when he was with the syndicate). Spike draws his gun, while Vicious draws his sword (called a katana), but Lin goes in the middle of them and draws HIS gun pointed straight at Spike. Spike talks to Lin trying to tell him NOT to shoot him and other things, but Lin has to protect Vicious because of his orders from the syndicate and he shoots Spike. That’s the end of that session and I won’t tell you what happens in the next one! MWAHAHA!!! Sorry, I just want you guys to WATCH CB instead of reading this, so if you’re already hooked just go onto YouTube and they have 16 of the 26 sessions in english (unless you speak spanish…) and if you want to continue watching the series, just go on Google and search “Cowboy Bebop Session (whatever session/episode you’re on or wish to see) English Dub”! EDIT: YOU CAN ONLY FIND ENGLISH DUBBED VERSIONS OF CB UP TO SESSION 5…-_-” Sorry guys…The last thing I would like to talk about before I end this post is about the last two sessions “The Real Folk Blues: Part 1” and “The Real Folk Blues: Part 2” which are the saddest episodes I have seen in a TV show EVER let alone anime…(and NO I’m NOT saying that it IS in fact THE saddest in all history of TV shows because I of course have not seen ALL of the TV shows ever made!!!O.O) T_T All I can say is that if you like Faye and Spike…I’m not to sure you’ll like the last two sessions…you won’t really HATE them, but…you’ll cry… :`( Here are some pictures and some videos of CB from YouTube if you’re STILL not interested in Cowboy Bebop!!!!

Cast (In order: Jet Black, Spike Spiegel, Faye Valentine, Radical Edward, Ein)

Commercials for it:

First Session to get you guys started! 😉

There was a movie it was so famous! 😀 But…it’s rated R…-_-”

ONE of the MANY amazing songs from Cowboy Bebop plus the scene it plays in from Session #5 “Ballad of Fallen Angels”. The artist of most of the songs created her OWN language which is a mixture of Latin and English (from what I’ve heard anyways…)

Thanks for reading and watching these videos and if you haven’t already watched CB I hope I convinced you to! 😉 I just have two more things to say…”See You Space Cowboy…” and…………………. “Bang…” 😉 😀


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