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Ace Attorney 5 Promo! ^_^

Here it is!!!! 😀

Wait…at the end there…is that the NEW prosecutor?! If it is…does that mean…NO Edgeworth?!!!?? :O 😥


School and Things Like “When You Beat That Really Hard Boss in a Video Game”

I just want to apologize to my viewers for not posting that much in an entire month! -_-” I’ve just been crazy busy with school and homework lately that I haven’t had time!! SORRY!!!!! 😥 To make up for it, here’s something I had to do at school where we write something that’s really awesome such as, the smell of rain on a hot sidewalk, popping bubble wrap (cause NOBODY likes doing that…haha) and more. My teacher has been reading “The Book of Awesome” to us to get an idea of what to write about and HOW to write our own! So, I decided to write about the feeling you get “When You Finally Beat That Really Hard Boss in a Video Game”!!! And YOU guys get to read it!!! ^_^ 😀 I would appreciate it if you guys could let me know if I need to change, take out or put in anything, but you can just read it if you would like!! ;D Here it is!!!

When You Finally Beat That Really Hard Boss in a Video Game

Remember that feeling of triumph when you FINALLY beat that really hard boss in a video game? You’re near the end of a really awesome game that you’ve been playing non-stop when all of a sudden you enter a cut scene and then you hear the villain’s theme in the background and you know what’s about to happen. You get ready as the villain comes out and then the cut scene finally ends after you talk a little bit to him or her, trying to convince them to stop whatever evil deed they’re doing this time. The game goes into battle mode and you either start to button mash or use a strategy; and then it happens. The game gives you a warning to let you know your health is running dangerously low and the boss/villain attacks you with one more hit and suddenly the main character you’re playing collapses to the ground and doesn’t get up. You realize that you’ve died as the screen fades into the “GAME OVER” screen and you scream “NOOOOO!!!!!!!” in frustration. The game asks you if you either want to “Retry”, “Save” or “Quit” and you’re so full of adrenaline and you’re on the edge of your seat, so you press “Retry”. After several attempts and dying several times, you’re SO frustrated that you decide to press “Quit” this time and don’t pick the controller/console up again for at least a few days to a week. After looking at the game cover while walking past it and yearning to see those end credits, you decide to try one more time, even more determined than before. The same cut scene you’ve seen for what feels like the thousandth time plays again as you stare determinedly at the screen getting ready to fight for your life and save the world. The cut scene ends and you begin to fight the hardest you have ever fought before. As you go along it gets a little harder as the boss gets more determined because they’re losing so much health. Then, it happens. The moment you’ve been waiting for since you started this epic adventure! The villain either collapses on the floor unconscious, screams “NOOO!!!!” as they perish or (insert villain/boss’ reaction to you defeating them here). You press pause and then put the controller or console down as you jump up, do a victory dance and yell things like, “YEAH!!!” or “TAKE THAT YOU (insert insult towards the villain here)!!!!!!” or “I DID IT!!!! I FINALLY BEAT HIM/HER!!!!!!!!” feeling triumphant and like you can do anything. Your mom, dad, sister or brother comes running out wondering what’s going on as you do your little victory dance and you explain to them that you FINALLY beat that really hard boss and then they leave. You pick the controller/console up again and unpause it and watch the final cut scene and the ending credits that you’ve longed to see, feeling very happy and good about yourself because well, you finally beat that really hard boss in a video game, folks! AWESOME!!!!

Thanks for reading it and your suggestions!!! ^_^

P.S. If you have no idea what “The Book of Awesome” is, it’s a series of posts someone did on a blog about things that are…well…AWESOME! It’s a REALLY good book/blog and I suggest you guys check it out! 😉

Vampire Knight ^.^ (Minor Spoilers)

“Vampire Knight” is an ongoing manga by Matsuri Hino that was also later turned into an anime. It’s about 15-year-old Yuki Cross who lives with her adoptive father, Kaien Cross who is the headmaster for a school. Only, this school is not a normal school because they have a day class and a night class and the night class is full of vampires. The manga starts with one of Yuki’s memories 10 years ago when she was five when she was almost killed by a vampire, but then another vampire came and killed the vampire, saving her life. The vampire who saved her life is Kaname Kuran who is not just a vampire, but a pure blood (a pure blood has no human blood in them and are fully vampires). Yuki can remember that memory very well not just because she almost died that day, but also because it’s actually her first memory! She doesn’t remember anything before that incident!

It then goes to the present day where Yuki is a guardian of the day class along with 16-year-old Zero Kiryu. As guardians, they make sure that the day class never finds out about the night class which can be a very difficult job sometimes since all the girls from the day class are literally crazy about the night class guys! O.O Yuki met Zero four years ago when his family was killed by a vampire and Headmaster Cross took him in. Ever since that night Zero hasn’t been the same both emotionally and physically. Physically because the vampire that attacked Zero’s family was a pure blood and if you survive an attack from a pure blood vampire you slowly and painfully turn into a vampire. He absolutely despises vampires and if he could he would kill every single one…even himself. Here’s a funny part from the anime showing how much Zero hates vampires! The person in the top panel is Headmaster Cross, the guy with the silver hair is Zero and the girl is Yuki (for those of you who don’t know)! 😉

Now, you might be wondering why there’s a night class to begin with! Headmaster Cross has a dream that one day vampires and humans will reunite so, vampires who have volunteered to take this class also partake in a study where they take blood tablets instead of drinking human blood. And to help get vampires to actually volunteer, Kaname volunteers to be a student in the night class so vampires are more interested in coming.

“Vampire Knight” is mostly a drama, but it is also very funny! Here are some examples from the manga! To read them, click on them and it should bring you to a bigger version of it! ^_^

This shows you how much the day class girls are crazy about the night class guys…O.O

This is from an “extra” right before the start of volume 6. It’s a short about when the headmaster, Yuki and Zero go to a tropical island to get ingredients for the school cafeteria. 

In this part Yuki is showing her notes from class because he had to miss class when she gets an idea…xD

Here are some trailers for “Vampire Knight” (sorry some of them are in Japanese…I couldn’t find much…-_-“)! ^_^

Vampire Knight Promo (Vampire Knight: Volume 1) – IMDb

WARNING!!! This one contains some minor spoilers to season 1 and season 2! 😉

Even if you’re a guy, you might enjoy this manga/anime! In my opinion, VK is better Twilight so if you like Twilight you will most likely like it! 😉 ^_^ To read the manga online (though you really should actually buy it to support the author!!!!) go to this link:

And if you would like to watch the anime english dub, just go onto Google or any search engine, type in “Vampire Knight episode 1 english dub” and click on the first website or whichever one you prefer! ^_^ Sadly, it’s only available in german on YouTube if you were wondering… 😥 Thank you for reading this and “I’ll show you a sweet dream next night”! 😉 😀 ^_^

Aishiteruze Baby! ^_^

Aishiteruze Baby is an anime (it was originally a manga) about 17-year-old Kippei Katakura who’s a playboy at his high school and has also never had a real girlfriend. One day, he’s called to come home quickly due to urgent family business. When he gets home he meets a 5-year-old girl named Yuzuyu Sakashita who, he finds out, is his Aunt Miyako’s daughter. He finds out that after Yuzuyu’s father passed away Miyako couldn’t handle it and just disappeared, leaving Yuzuyu behind. Kippei is then put in charge to take care of her until her mother comes back. Along the way Kippei learns to be a “mother” to Yuzuyu and also begins to bond with a girl in Kippei’s class named Kokoro.

There are 26 episodes (each episode is about 20 minutes long) in the anime and in the manga there is 7 volumes. The anime is only available in Japanese, but there are english subtitles!  This is a very cute and funny show and I really enjoyed watching it! ^_^ Here’s the first episode for you guys to watch!

To watch the next episode go to YouTube and type in Aishiteruze Baby episode 2 english subbed and click on the video by JitokoChan and enjoy the cuteness! 😉 There are some episodes on YouTube that got blocked because of copyright reasons sadly…So, because of that you have to go onto Google (or another search engine, if you want) and type in “Aishiteruze Baby Episode (whatever episode you’re on) english sub” and you should be able to find that episode! ^_^