Aishiteruze Baby! ^_^

Aishiteruze Baby is an anime (it was originally a manga) about 17-year-old Kippei Katakura who’s a playboy at his high school and has also never had a real girlfriend. One day, he’s called to come home quickly due to urgent family business. When he gets home he meets a 5-year-old girl named Yuzuyu Sakashita who, he finds out, is his Aunt Miyako’s daughter. He finds out that after Yuzuyu’s father passed away Miyako couldn’t handle it and just disappeared, leaving Yuzuyu behind. Kippei is then put in charge to take care of her until her mother comes back. Along the way Kippei learns to be a “mother” to Yuzuyu and also begins to bond with a girl in Kippei’s class named Kokoro.

There are 26 episodes (each episode is about 20 minutes long) in the anime and in the manga there is 7 volumes. The anime is only available in Japanese, but there are english subtitles!  This is a very cute and funny show and I really enjoyed watching it! ^_^ Here’s the first episode for you guys to watch!

To watch the next episode go to YouTube and type in Aishiteruze Baby episode 2 english subbed and click on the video by JitokoChan and enjoy the cuteness! 😉 There are some episodes on YouTube that got blocked because of copyright reasons sadly…So, because of that you have to go onto Google (or another search engine, if you want) and type in “Aishiteruze Baby Episode (whatever episode you’re on) english sub” and you should be able to find that episode! ^_^


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