Vampire Knight ^.^ (Minor Spoilers)

“Vampire Knight” is an ongoing manga by Matsuri Hino that was also later turned into an anime. It’s about 15-year-old Yuki Cross who lives with her adoptive father, Kaien Cross who is the headmaster for a school. Only, this school is not a normal school because they have a day class and a night class and the night class is full of vampires. The manga starts with one of Yuki’s memories 10 years ago when she was five when she was almost killed by a vampire, but then another vampire came and killed the vampire, saving her life. The vampire who saved her life is Kaname Kuran who is not just a vampire, but a pure blood (a pure blood has no human blood in them and are fully vampires). Yuki can remember that memory very well not just because she almost died that day, but also because it’s actually her first memory! She doesn’t remember anything before that incident!

It then goes to the present day where Yuki is a guardian of the day class along with 16-year-old Zero Kiryu. As guardians, they make sure that the day class never finds out about the night class which can be a very difficult job sometimes since all the girls from the day class are literally crazy about the night class guys! O.O Yuki met Zero four years ago when his family was killed by a vampire and Headmaster Cross took him in. Ever since that night Zero hasn’t been the same both emotionally and physically. Physically because the vampire that attacked Zero’s family was a pure blood and if you survive an attack from a pure blood vampire you slowly and painfully turn into a vampire. He absolutely despises vampires and if he could he would kill every single one…even himself. Here’s a funny part from the anime showing how much Zero hates vampires! The person in the top panel is Headmaster Cross, the guy with the silver hair is Zero and the girl is Yuki (for those of you who don’t know)! 😉

Now, you might be wondering why there’s a night class to begin with! Headmaster Cross has a dream that one day vampires and humans will reunite so, vampires who have volunteered to take this class also partake in a study where they take blood tablets instead of drinking human blood. And to help get vampires to actually volunteer, Kaname volunteers to be a student in the night class so vampires are more interested in coming.

“Vampire Knight” is mostly a drama, but it is also very funny! Here are some examples from the manga! To read them, click on them and it should bring you to a bigger version of it! ^_^

This shows you how much the day class girls are crazy about the night class guys…O.O

This is from an “extra” right before the start of volume 6. It’s a short about when the headmaster, Yuki and Zero go to a tropical island to get ingredients for the school cafeteria. 

In this part Yuki is showing her notes from class because he had to miss class when she gets an idea…xD

Here are some trailers for “Vampire Knight” (sorry some of them are in Japanese…I couldn’t find much…-_-“)! ^_^

Vampire Knight Promo (Vampire Knight: Volume 1) – IMDb

WARNING!!! This one contains some minor spoilers to season 1 and season 2! 😉

Even if you’re a guy, you might enjoy this manga/anime! In my opinion, VK is better Twilight so if you like Twilight you will most likely like it! 😉 ^_^ To read the manga online (though you really should actually buy it to support the author!!!!) go to this link:

And if you would like to watch the anime english dub, just go onto Google or any search engine, type in “Vampire Knight episode 1 english dub” and click on the first website or whichever one you prefer! ^_^ Sadly, it’s only available in german on YouTube if you were wondering… 😥 Thank you for reading this and “I’ll show you a sweet dream next night”! 😉 😀 ^_^


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12 responses to “Vampire Knight ^.^ (Minor Spoilers)”

  1. innasuu says :

    Vampire Knight was interesting at first, but now the manga has become very dull and boring, I can barely keep up with it anymore. I keep wondering when the story will finally come to an end.

    • videogameluver says :

      I actually just started reading/watching VK about 3 weeks ago, but yeah, I heard that after volume 9 that it gets boring which is kind of sad cause I REALLY like reading it… 😥 :/ Well, I guess I might as well enjoy it while it lasts! ^_^

      • innasuu says :

        You should. ^^
        It was very enjoyable up till now.

      • videogameluver says :

        I’m on volume 9 chapter 43 right now and I really dislike what’s going on right now…-_-” ***SPOILERS*** I want bubbly, kind-hearted Yuuki back and the old Zero who loved and cared so much about Yuuki!!!! T_T I accidentally read somewhere that she’s actually a pure blood and also Kaname’s sister and I was also looking forward to seeing her as a vampire, but I didn’t think her personality would change and that Zero would hate her this much! 😦 Don’t tell me, but I really hope that I’ll see the old Yuuki and the old Zero again… 😥

  2. banana says :

    I LOVE VK! Are you all caught up? I think the anime is a little boring but the manga is nice.. although whatever goes on now is kinda weird.. But it looks like you’re a fan of Yuuki/Zero too xD I don’t know. I’m still kind of hoping they get together at the end… The manga is released too slowly 😦

    • videogameluver says :

      Yup!! I’m caught up!!! 🙂 I just started reading VK in August too…O.O Yeah, the anime makes it seem less interesting than it is in the manga….I’m guessing that’s because everybody interprets how things are said by characters and such so it sounds better in their head…if that makes sense…haha 😛 😀 Gosh, I wish it would go back to BEFORE Yuki was a vampire and when Zero didn’t ‘hate’ (he totally still loves her…it’s so obvious, but he just doesn’t want to admit it…sometimes I get annoyed with him and wanna slap him and say something like “For crying out loud Zero!!!! She’s still freaking Yuki!!! And she cares SOOO much about you!!! The only reason why you don’t like her anymore is cause she’s a pureblood!!!”) Yuki!!! I’m GUESSING that you’re caught up…but if not don’t read the stuff in brackets (I was starting to not hate Kaname that much because of his past, but then he really just screwed that up when he killed Aido’s father and then just LEFT!!!!! But hopefully now Matsuri will change the story so Zero and Yuki end up together for a while to satisfy us ZeroxYuki fans!!) Can’t wait for #15 on Wednesday!!! My sister works at a comic book store that sells manga so I’ll be getting it on Wednesday!!!! EEEEK!!! 😀 ^o^ I agree…it’s released waay too slowly… 😥 I just finished 14 more than a month ago and it was agonizing waiting for 15…but that was probably because of the HUGE cliff hanger they had compared to 13…-_-” And now I shall stop…sorry…my two friends who are also into VK are WAAAY behind so I can’t really talk to people about it…-_-“

      • banana says :

        Nooo nooo talk more XDD I have no friends into VK! I need to fangirl with someoneeee. My only friend who I forced to watch the anime (I watched 52 episodes of Digimon in exchange) isn’t so into it and I just tell her what goes on sometimes. but YAYYY you caught up!!! 😀

        wasn’t the last chapter so sweet?? I LOVED it!! It blew away all my daydreams out of the water XD I’m actually ready to pat Zero on the back I mean, I think he’s making it kinda obvious he’s still really into her, and did you notice he carriers her a LOT? I think it’s an excuse to hold her.. I get what you mean but I kinda just wanted to pat Zero on the back for actually doing something! After teasing us for a bunch of chapters of kinda avoiding Yuuki XD

        but wow you took the words out of my head, I really wish Yuuki was never even a vampire, but oh well :/

        I’m really not sure about Kaname! I think he *probably* has a good reason even though I mean, Aidou’s father of all people? Aidou’s so hilarious and such a great character, I can even see him with Yuuki XD Of all the characters to screw over I wish he didn’t choose Aidou.. I think that Kaname is probably not evil though and that the manga will show that he was really doing it for the greater good or that Aidou’s dad was evil.. It’d be so much easier if he was just really evil though xD I don’t know I just really don’t want KanamexYuuki, she is not a good match for him in my honest opinion.

        that’s soo cool about your sis!! That must be fun I wish I worked at a comic book store.. haha I don’t even know any around here :/ ack I think I’m writing even more.. let’s be best friends?! hahaha no but seriously you made my day, so happy to see another ZeroxYuuki fan, I can’t even find a forum or anything to discuss stuff!

      • banana says :

        *so much easier if Kaname was evil I mean.

      • videogameluver says :

        Oh!!! Okay!! haha I thought you meant it would be easier if Aido’s father was evil and I was like, “Wha…but he’s SOOO kind….” haha I see what you mean now!!! haha xD I never really thought about how when he carries Yuki it’s just an excuse to hold her!!! When I read that part in Vol. 13 i kept on reading it over and over because it was the first time Zero actually helped her and such!! It made me sooo happy!!!! xD In 12 when he said “Don’t touch me.” I was SOOO depressed by it…-_-” D: Yeah, Kaname probably DOES have a good reason actually…I just REALLY dislike him for how he treated Zero and all…The only reason I can think for Kaname killing Aido’s father is he’s MAYBE planning to kill all the vampires or something…??? I have NO clue… -_-” My sister says that vol. 15 got delayed!!! So, now I have to wait for *insert whatever number of days here cause I have no idea how long it’ll take*!! D’: I’ve actually probably written 2 pages worth of emails to my friends before, trying to explain things such as the plot of FFVII… haha xP Okay!!! Let’s be best friends!!! haha 😀 You made my day too!!!!! 😀

  3. banana says :

    LOL I felt those things too, reading VK is like an emotional roller coaster hahaha (by the way sorry for my late response!! got caught up with school 😦 but exams are over for now so YAYYY) I know! Kaname’s mean to Zero.. but it’s kinda funny how Zero hates his guts haha. I wish he didn’t have to get blood from Kaname that is soo gonna bite him later!

    hmmmm I have no idea.. there better be a good reason for Aidou’s father to die though! I mean Kaname doesn’t even seem to be the rampaging killer type hahaha but AWWW they get released so late as it is 😦 I hope you get it soon!! I just read the chapters online when they come out, I only buy the ones I really like (as in I bought everything before Yuuki was a vampire, and I mightttt buy the ones after she cuts her hair too XD) but if you want to read them online before you get them in person you can try! I hope that helpsss

    YAYY best friends! XD and LOL you’re such a good friend explaining ff7! but that game’s such a classic they should play!! you are spoiling themmmm

    • videogameluver says :

      That’s okay!!! I haven’t been able to post as much as I did in the summer cause of school too… 😥 Kaname will probably ask for something in return…I hope it’s nothing like leaving Yuki forever or something like that!!! D: If Kaname killed Aido’s father for a very lame reason I swear…well….I’m not sure what I COULD do since he’s fictional…I guess I could draw a quick sketch of him and then tear it to shreds or something…haha xD OKAY!!!! I’m gonna read it online cause I can’t wait any longer!!!! THANK YOU!!!!! 😀 Okay…so Yuki WILL eventually cut her hair, go back to the academy and leave Kaname??? I read somewhere that that’ll happen, but I misread and I thought they meant that it happens in volume 14 so, I was REALLY looking forward to 14, but it didn’t happen!!! 😥 What chapter does it start on??? Thanks soooo much again!!! ^o^

      • banana says :

        aw leaving Yuuki forever would be so LAMEE. I hope that doesn’t happen. I kinda want Kaname to be happy too just NOT with Yuuki lol uhhmm yeah that kinda happens and also sort of doesn’t, I don’t want to spoil it more for you though just catch up and read online XD (although I think I spoiled it a lot for you already 😦 ) I think it starts on like chapter 75ish? not sure.. right now they are on like 87 and the newest chapter will prob come out in a week or two! I hope!

        Oh and if the link I gave you doesn’t work for some reason try 🙂

        lemme know when you catch up 😀

        (sorry if this posts twice, it’s not working for me for some reasonn)

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