Maximum Ride Movie Poster

I had to do a movie poster for a book for a school project so, I picked James Patterson’s “Maximum Ride: An Angel Experiment”! I FINALLY finished it a few minutes ago and I thought I would show it to you guys! So, here ya go!!! ^o^

If I had more time I think I would have fixed her hair up a bit and some other things, but I’m REALLY happy of how it turned out!!!!!!! 😀 ^O^ If you haven’t read the AMAZING “Maximum Ride” series you should start right away!!! You can probably find it at your local book store since it’s very popular. If you not the novel-reading type, there is a graphic novel out for it with so far 6 volumes and counting out (which is how I got started on the series, but the books are of COURSE WAAAY better)! ^_^

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I LOVE video games, comics, manga, anime, drawing, writing, reading, listening to music (currently hooked on video game and anime music!!! :D) and more!!! WARNING!!!! I TEND TO RAMBLE LOTS SO IF YOU DON'T LIKE LONG POSTS THIS BLOG IS NOT FOR YOU!!!!! Thank you for reading this and (if you do, and if you don't it's fine :)) reading my blog!!! ^_^

4 responses to “Maximum Ride Movie Poster”

  1. writer5678 says :

    I love this!!!!!!!!!! It is awesome! U are such a gifted drawer. Keep it up! ^o^

  2. banana says :

    wow you drew that?? that’s amazing!!! so detailed! I’m gonna check it out 😀

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