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My First Time Playing the Final Fantasy VII Main Theme on the Paino

Today, my teacher told me I had to write a descriptive paragraph about a memory I have. At first I couldn’t really decide what good memory to do. I knew I wanted it to be a peaceful one, one with a lot of meaning and emotion in it, but I just couldn’t think of the right one. Then, my best friend phoned me to ask me a question about it and she read hers to me and I loved it. After we talked for a bit and then hung up, I began to think more about what I wanted to do. I thought about how I felt when I listen to emotional and nostalgic video game and anime music in the dark and in my bed after a long day and the how calm it makes me feel, but that wasn’t really a MEMORY so that THAT wouldn’t work. And then it hit me. I could do the memory I had of trying to play the main theme of Final Fantasy VII on my keyboard and how it made me feel so calm and nostalgic and everything! So…that’s what I did! Since this is a video game blog after all (well, okay I’ve been doing a BUNCH of manga/anime lately though…which I apologize to my gamer viewers for that…) I decided to share it with you guys!! ^.^ So…here it is!!! Let me know what you think~!! But, ACTUALLY…before I do that I show you guys what the main theme sounds like for those of you who don’t!

Okay…NOW I’ll show it to you guys!! haha xP

I placed the sheet music that read “Final Fantasy VII MAIN THEME” on the stand attached to the black keyboard and felt my heart swell as I stared at the dancing black notes on the two pages. I turned the switch on and watched as the red glow of the double zeros appeared on the keyboard, showing that it had been turned on. I looked at the first note beside the swirling black symbol called a treble clef. I pressed down on one of the many white keys, trying to guess which one that note was, since I didn’t know because I hadn’t taken a piano lesson in my life. The sound of the note rang out and I frowned in disappointment because I knew it was the wrong one. I knew this because the song had been imprinted in my head from listening to its heart-wrenching and nostalgic sound over and over again. After a few more guesses, I pressed down on one last key and smiled as I heard the note ring. I look back up at the sheet music and slowly figured out the rest of the notes for the first page. After another half an hour of practising just the first page and a bit of the second, the notes come naturally and I’m able to let my fingers do all the work without thinking about it too much. So then, I decide to do the normal tempo that the piece is at and close my eyes and feel my heart swell as images and scenes play through my mind like my own personal movie. The emotion of every key I play is as thick and heavy as fog. Every note makes me reminisce about all the hard ships each character goes through and what they gave up along the way and how it made them stronger. It even makes me start to tear up as I remember one of the characters’ death and how it affected everyone, both the characters in the game and the people playing the game. Each time I play it, the better the quality becomes and the more I memorize it. After the big finale and the booming of the notes, I play the few last slow notes. Then I slowly lift my fingers off the keys and relax them on my lap, smiling. I just sit there with each sweet and sad yet nostalgic and adventurous note playing over and over again in my head. Slowly, a feeling of longing grows deep inside me to watch every last second of that game just once more. A longing to watch as the train comes to a stop in front of the destructive and heinous Shin-Ra building and watch as the blond spikey-haired guy jumps down from on top of the train. Even a longing to tear up as I watched the famous scene of when the light of a gentle soul slowly dimmed, but still stayed with the characters for the rest of their long journey. A longing to watch as that spikey-haired guy and the others fight the monstrous Sephiroth and watch that last cutscene. I turn the switch off on the keyboard and see the red glow fade away. I push the stool I’m sitting on back, get up and begin to walk towards the basement stairs to watch the epic adventure of ex-SOLDIER, Cloud Strife for a second time.

There are definitely things I could change I just have NO clue HOW to…T_T I think I’ll do something else for while and then read it over again… xP



Brothers from Fullmetal Alchemist…Phone Style…^o^

First of all…sorry if you guys might have thought I was DEAD or something…O.O Okay…a couple weeks ago I went to my brother’s “Band Geek’s Unplugged” thinking “Ah, why not…who knows…might be some Star Wars music and stuff, which will be cool…”. So, I was sitting there when the announcers said something like “This next one is probably the coolest one here tonight! Jordan (last name here which I won’t put down for safety reasons…) is gonna play some tunes…with his phone!” Me: “Oooh!!! This should be good!!” *straightens up in chair* And then he came out and said the three songs he was going to play…1. Something from Hobbit, 2. The Entertainer and 3….Brothers from FMA!!! When he said that my jaw just DROPPED to the ground!! I was SO glad I went after all!! It was REALLY cool too!!! What he did basically, was play tunes by pressing buttons on his phone. O.O So…yeah…just thought I would tell you guys about this SUPER cool thing!! ^.^ I went up to after REALLY ecstatic and basically embarrassed myself by just saying REALLY fast “That was sooo awesome!!! I LOOOVE Fullmetal Alchemist!! You just made my day!!!!” and gave him a high-five. Yeah…he seemed pretty weirded out and I honestly don’t blame him…my brother says that he’s shy though…but that wouldn’t make any better for him I think…-_-”

Aside from that…I should HOPEFULLY (though I’m not making any promises here) have at LEAST 3 manga reviews of mangas I’ve either caught up on or finished put up on here soon! The reviews will be for first, Fullmetal Alchemist (which I, sadly, finished a few weeks ago…T_T Now I feel so empty without my FMA…T_T), then Kimi ni Todoke and finally Crazy For You, which written by the person who wrote Kimi ni Todoke and is THE most depressing manga I have EVER read…but it’s worth it for the ending!!! haha xD So…yeah. Adios for now!! 😉 ^_^


HAPPY NEW YEAR EVERYONE!!!!!!! 😉 ^O^ Say goodbye to 2012 and hi to 2013 and a new year!!! 😀

Kimi Ni Todoke 27 - Page 22

Kimi Ni Todoke 27 - Page 23