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Okay, so I went to go play a video game for the first time in a while (Ni No Kuni!!! ^O^) and I was SUUUPER pumped cause I heard that this game really good and the artwork’s by the guy who does work for Studio Ghibli. But then after I popped the disc in a message popped up saying “Now installing. This installment will take 10 hours minutes” Me: -_-” WHY?!!!???? T_T So, now I am “patiently” waiting for the installment to be complete so I can FINALLY play the AMAZING “Ni ni Kuni”!!! Why does it have to be 10 minutes…? And yes I know this is a VERY random post…I don’t know why I’m posting this…I guess I’m just in a really random mood right now… xP


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I LOVE video games, comics, manga, anime, drawing, writing, reading, listening to music (currently hooked on video game and anime music!!! :D) and more!!! WARNING!!!! I TEND TO RAMBLE LOTS SO IF YOU DON'T LIKE LONG POSTS THIS BLOG IS NOT FOR YOU!!!!! Thank you for reading this and (if you do, and if you don't it's fine :)) reading my blog!!! ^_^

14 responses to “Random Quick Post… xP”

  1. banana says :

    OK so I coulda SWORNNN that you wrote a comment about this to me too but I can’t find it anywhere so I’m just going to write it here!! I am TOTALLY gonna buy Ni no kuni! I heard about it in Gamestop when I was in there and it sounded up my alley. tell me how it is!!!!

    ALSO I literally shacked myself up at home and was playing a lot of the new Fire Emblem for 3DS. you NEED to check that out too, it’s sooooo good. I literally could not put it down until I beat it.

    I also heard Atelier Alchemy (i think that’s what it’s called) is out for ps3 and it’s supposed to be amazinggg so that’s on my list of things to get!! & you should try Tales of Graces F for ps3, it’s multi so you can play it with your bro too 😀 The tales games are really good for multi!

    • videogameluver says :

      That’s kinda funny cause this guy working at Gamestop was the one who convinced me to get it!! I was looking at and I guess he saw me looking at it and he started going on about how good it was and gave me LOTS of information and convinced me to get it >o.< I'm more of a button masher kinda gal haha)

      I was thinking about getting Fire Emblem!!!! It looks REALLY good!!!! ^.^

      Do you like novel games (like 999 in a sense)??? Cause you might like this game called "Time Hollow", which I REALLY enjoyed. Well, it's a bit old and it's not that popular so you might not be able to find it at a store (I just HAPPENED to spot it as a recycled game at Gamestop and I swear I literally jumped up and down with joy when I saw it), but you could watch the walkthrough for it on YouTube (how I found out about in the first place was from the guy I was telling you about, arglefumph)!!

      I actually haven't heard of Atelier Alchemy (but as soon as I finish this comment I'm DEFINITELY checking out the trailer…), but I saw Tales of Grace at BOTH Best Buy and Gamestop, but I wasn't sure if I should get it or not, so thanks!!! ^o^

      • cocoalite says :

        Your Gamestop must be a lot better than mine because I was standing and staring at Ni No Kuni for like 10 mins and no one came by!! I’m a button masher too haha. All I know about it’s also by studio ghibli I think and I just know it’s supposed to be *really* good. And I would love to go shell out the money for it now but I’m doing bad in school >_<

        My copy of Tales of Graces is still sitting here..Untouched..it’s sobbing I can hear it at night! XD
        Fire Emblem is SOOOOO good!! I clocked over 100 hours, I can’t put it down! I’ve been nagging my brothers to play it since I got it but they’re too goooood for it (sorry spongebob joke XD). My little brother said “I’ll just play it when you’re done” and I’m like “NO! MY SAVE FILES!!!” There’s only 3 anyway! I’m having trouble saying goodbye to my first save file too, ‘cause in this game you get to have a My Unit, basically your avatar, and he or she can get married…And in my first one I love her family and even though I messed up a lot on the first one I just can’t say goodbye to that file! And I have another MU/My Unit, a guy, and his family is soo cute too…I’m already on my third and a half playthrough and I’m planning a couple of more playthroughs. I legitimately can’t stop playing. Another reason I’m not doing that great at school XD But EVERY PENNY WAS WORTH IT!!!

        Are you kidding? I LOOOOOVEEE visual novels!! In my free time I look up independent ones! You know the free time when I’m not playing Fire Emblem or that Star Wars mmo XD (To friends I don’t talk to in a long time I tell them I’ve been really busy with school but at least I’m honest with you BWAHAHA) And I loved Time Hollow! That was a really good game, I think the ending was a bit bittersweet too for Ethan.. I felt bad for him! But his ringtone was great right?
        Tales of Graces will be worth it I promise! You’ll bond with whoever you play it with or at least fight over what costumes you want your characters in XD I’ve had my little brother walk out of the room before when I insisted the characters should all be in swimsuits all the time and he wasn’t as amused as I was XD Good times hahaha

        This is where I heard about Atelier Alchemy: http://www.englishotomegames.net/post/44659885649/for-those-of-you-interested-in-atelier-a-series
        And that site will probably have a lot of other stuff you might like too! Sometimes I use it to find visual novels!

      • videogameluver says :

        haha yeah, the people that work at GameStop where I live are SUPER awesome people and will have a good conversation with you about video games xD And I know some of them pretty well cause my sister used to work there till she went back to university. Uh-oh!! I know though (from my sis) that university’s really hard especially since the profs don’t really care whether or not you do well…-_-” Can’t wait to get to university (this is sarcasm if you can’t tell)!

        Yeah…I think ever since I started reading Naruto (or manga and anime period) all my video games have been sobbing and feeling lonely and unwanted…o.o

        Okay!! It’s settled!!! I’m getting Fire Emblem!!! Once I finish all the other video games I need to though…cause I swear they’re gonna kill me in the middle of the night for not playing them…o.o

        I love visual novels too!!! Probably cause I’m an avid reader so it’s even better when you can control the characters ^.^ When Arglefumph/Michael Gray started posted vids for Time Hollow I thought I would just check it out and thank goodness it was summer break cause the next few days all I did was watch those videos…my dad was even threatening to kick me off the internet for a month…o.o When I started watching I thought “okay…time travel…seems interesting…” and then all of a sudden Ben murdered Aaron and I was like: O.O “Wow, things just got really intense…!!!!” I LOOOVE his ringtone!!!! I wish I could have it as my own!!! ^.^

        Okay!!! I’ll ask for both Fire Emblem and Tales of Grace for my birthday (it’s this month)!!! ^o^ hahaha One time my brother and I were playing Ultimate Marvel vs Capcom 3 and it was his first time playing and after I beat him about 5 times he said “Okay!! That’s it!!! You’re playing Final Fantasy XIII (I had just got it that day) and I’m doing something else!!!” hahaha xD That’s another thing that I love about videogames, you get to bond/hang out with your siblings ^.^

        Thanks!!! I’ll definitely be checking that website out for more visual novels…^.^

      • cocoalite says :

        Your sis works at cool places! And she’s soo right. It’s better in private/small schools (or classes) though because profs care more… sometimes.. And also sometimes you might get stuck with a really bad prof and can’t do anything about it! But the fun part about college is that at least you can choose your own schedule and sometimes you don’t have class everyday, and you don’t always *have* to show up for classes. So if you plan it well you can fit in a lot of video game/anime/socializing/& sleep time 😀 My big bro’s even worse tho, he says stuff like ‘ great you graduated high school only to have four more years of college! What’s so great about that?’

        OoooOooh yeah I have to catch up with Naruto too! Thanks for reminding me XD

        Ahahha your video games crying reminds me of an episode of Suite Life on Deck (I dunno if you watched it) but London complains she didn’t use her credit cards in a while and they’re crying and then Bailey listens to them and she’s like “O__O you’re right!”

        Hahaha aww yeah watching video games takes a while XD by the way I checked out Heavy Rain! The gameplay wasn’t fun for me tho so I watched some of it on youtube and then I read the rest of it on the Heavy Rain wikia. In the beginning it took me like an hour to figure out how to get Ethan to take a shower and then I ended up resetting it and it worked.. He literally stared at the shower for a half hour!! And then I was upset when they had the action to kiss his wife and I was still figuring things out so I missed it, and I felt like I made him such a bad husband XD oh yeah I remember that part with Ben & Aaron! It was dramatic xD Overall I thought it was a really cute game!

        Hahaha so you’re the reigning champion of Marvel vs Capcom in your family? XD I used to play that with my big bro a long time ago.. I’m not good at fighting games though hahaha but if it’s a puzzle game me and him are like you two! xD

        Ohh also I checked out Atelier Meruru (it’s in that series with Atelier Ayesha that I told you about). Did not like! And I read the reviews and it seems like gameplay is really hard and I just couldn’t get to it- and plus that site lied! It wasn’t a visual novel at all! (Or more likely I misread it XD) I ended up returning it..

      • videogameluver says :

        I know right?! I hope I get to work at GameStop and at the comic book store…And I’m pretty sure GameStop is hiring right now…but I won’t apply yet…

        haha My sister told me that you don’t have to go to classes…xD My sister’s one class was so big she even managed to sneak my brother in so he could see what university was like xD It’s true that it kinda sucks having to do 4 years of university after high school, but you might as well get it over with so you can get a decent job…right? Anyways!

        How far along are you with Naruto??? So far I’m only on chapter 156 cause my parents don’t want me reading manga for a while cause they think my vocabulary and my comprehension skills are going downhill cause I’m reading manga more than ACTAUL novels…whoops…o.o

        haha I used to watch “Life on Deck”!!! ^o^ I think I vaguely remember that episode…

        hahaha And that is why I just watched my brother play “Heavy Rain”…xD If I tried playing it I would probably really fail big time and feel so discouraged…especially if I got as far as at the part when you’re trying to find one of his sons (the one that got run over by a car) and when he’s doing the trials… Even my brother was unsecessful at the one trial where you had to go through that building with all those electric wires…man that part was intense to watch as my brother tried to not get Ethan electrocuted…-_-” o.o And then, once he got to the end he didn’t have all the coordinates to find Ethan’s son cause he didn’t complete the one trial so my brother just quit cause he didn’t wanna have it be his fault that BOTH Ethan and Shawn (was that his son’s name?? I completely forgot it…>..<

      • cocoalite says :

        (sorry if I replied to this twice, I can’t remember and wordpress is being weiirdd)

        Gamestop would be an awesome job!!! You wouldn’t have to worry about anyone’s food orders or folding clothes or anything! But you’d have to stand a lot..

        hahaha did your brother like her class? My cousin used to go to her friend’s pre-med classes (she’s engineering major) and no one noticed! Not sure WHY but I guess that was hanging..out? XD

        umm I can’t remember, I think you’re further in Naruto than me. What’s going on in there? What I remember is some kind of war. I think your parents are overreacting! Manga & games teach a lot of vocab, plus it’s nice to see the art AND dialogue. It’s more fun than a book! But I dunno, I learned new words from stuff like manga/games…

        Ohh I remember reading about that part! People on youtube were commenting how hard it is… You’re right his name is Shaun! I think they made gameplay on that game way too hard, I’m surprised people can get through it.. I wish it were a visual novel instead!! The game is really gloomy too (I know it’s a serial killer case but it has this super constricting atmosphere, I don’t know if you felt that too?) haha.. I think that one time you have to chase the first son you can’t really mess up though.. I know I took ages and Ethan walked so slow! haha It was funny though. “Jason. Jason. Jason! Jason” XD I will remember that forever.

      • videogameluver says :

        Okay!!! I REALLY want to anyways cause the people there are AWESOME and there are a lot of benefits for me to get out of it!!! ^.^ That’s true…you DO stand a lot…but I’m willing to make the sacrifice!!! haha

        He LOVED it!! Her Pshyc professor is SUPER awesome and he makes it really interesting so now I want to take that class once I get to University…though then again I’m not entirely sure WHAT I want to do in University yet…ugh…why does that have to be so hard? I want to do something with art, but you can’t really get a JOB, let alone MONEY with something with art…-_-”

        Well, right now Jiraiya is teaching Naruto the Jutso where you control your chakra so you can use air as a weapon…or something…not sure how to explain it…>...< I don't know WHY, but I really liked the gloominess of Heavy Rain…I don't know…it added to its appeal ^.^ I know right?! I would've just shoved people out the way…but nooo, he just does it politely…tsk tsk tsk…you can't always be a nice and polite guy Ethan!!! haha xD Yeah, it's kinda hard to forgot Jason's name now haha xD

      • cocoalite says :

        Aw you’ll figure it out when you go to university! I changed my major once when I went even. A lot of people don’t even figure it out until they’re in sophomore or even junior year. *sigh* you’re right about that. It’s really hard to get a job with art, but I know a couple people who did graphic arts major and landed internships so I guess they’re set. It sounds really cool that they were able to do something they really liked for money! I mean maybe you can try. I wish I knew more about that stuff but I’m just doing healthcare. I do know that if you’re planning to do something with grad school you can always major in art & get the pre-requisite classes for grad school. I think Phoenix Wright did that hahaha
        It sounds like Jiraiya is teaching Naruto how to airbend haha.. Sorry did you watch Avatar the Last Airbender? I don’t remember if we talked about that before!

      • videogameluver says :

        My sister was saying I could probably go to university for animation if I wanted to. It’s far from home, which I was a bit hesitant about, but my sister was like, “I don’t care!! You’re too good of an artist!! You’re going if I have to drag you there!!!” haha xD Which reminds me…I should probably do another drawing post (I’ve improved a LOT since my first drawing post O.O)…and a post PERIOD!! My friend’s already pestering me to do another post even if it’s just a quick one xD
        Speaking of Phoenix! Can’t wait for the fifth game!!! It looks like someone might’ve attempted (well, they didn’t specify in the clip, but he better be okay and not dead!!) to murder Phoenix! o.o Oh, and Capcom FINALLY gave in and they’re releasing Professor Layton VS Phoenix Wright here!! I’m so happy!!!!! *O*
        I’m gonna start watching Airbender right now actually(I explained in a different comment)!!

      • cocoalite says :

        Sorry i accidentally unfollowed you when I was clicking on this comment to reply. I followed right back though :/ I wish they didn’t put that unfollow sign right on top of a comment!! Hahaha your sis is AWESOME! If it’s your passion you should totally go for it!!

        Whoa that’s quite a start to the game! He can’t be dead though! He has so much attorneying left to do in him!! I’m so excited for those games toooo!

    • videogameluver says :

      Wait…was it called “Atelier Rorona: Alchemist of Arland”??? Or “Atelier Ayesha: The Alchemist of Dusk”? And is “The Alchemist of Dusk” a sequel??? It looks really good so I’ll definitely try it out!!!! ^o^

      • cocoalite says :

        the second one with Ayesha! Yup! I think it’s part of a series but I think the parts are independent? I’m not sure.. It says RPG but also visual novelesque? If it’s like a visual novel then I can try it because that won’t take as long hmmmmm

      • videogameluver says :

        Yeah, I was wondering that too…hmmmm……I guess I have no choice, but to investigate…haha xD

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