Embarrassingly…I’ve Done ALL of These Things…o.o


About videogameluver

I LOVE video games, comics, manga, anime, drawing, writing, reading, listening to music (currently hooked on video game and anime music!!! :D) and more!!! WARNING!!!! I TEND TO RAMBLE LOTS SO IF YOU DON'T LIKE LONG POSTS THIS BLOG IS NOT FOR YOU!!!!! Thank you for reading this and (if you do, and if you don't it's fine :)) reading my blog!!! ^_^

5 responses to “Embarrassingly…I’ve Done ALL of These Things…o.o”

  1. cocoalite says :

    ahaha I did most of those too! I barely remembered the fridge one. Brings back memories XD

    • videogameluver says :

      Same here!!! Me: “Did I do that…? Oh…wait!! Yeah…I did…” haha xD Guess what!!! I’ll be going to my VERY FIRST Con in June!!! I was able to convince my parents cause someone at school was bugging me to go with him so since someone I know is going…yeah. ^.^ And the guy who voices Lin in FMA Brotherhood and one of the twins from Ouran High School Host Club is gonna be there~!!!! Sooo excited!!! At first I was excited cause, hey, it’s a con! Then I checked the guests…xD

      • cocoalite says :

        how was the con?? Did you dress up? ahh that’s so cool!! I never went to any but if I do I’m def going to go all the way and dress up and everything haha

      • videogameluver says :

        The con was AMAZING!!! Todd Haberkorn and Cheremi Leigh were there which was really awesome! Todd is REALLY nice!!! I got a picture taken with him and I was freaking out so much cause I’m actually a little shy with people I don’t know that well, but he started talking to me like I was a normal person and we got talking about video games and KH (I was wearing my Kingdom Hearts shirt with King Mickey in a Organization XIII cloak so he asked me “So, is Mickey supposed to be evil in this one or something?” haha xD) and I found out that he voices a character in Fire Emblem!!! Then I got his autograph and then I had him sign the last volume of FMA, which made him pretty happy I guess cause he started flipping through it and talking to me about it and he wrote “Yay!! (Ling!)” under his signature haha xD His panels are pretty awesome too! After his panel I was getting up to go, but then the guy was introducing Cheremi and he said “And she’s currently working on Sword Art Online!” Me: “OKAY WE’RE STAYING” ^o^ Have you watched SAO? It’s REALLY good!!! It has to do with RPGs so I think you’ll really like it! ^_^ The first 7 dubbed episodes are posted online already and it’s on Toonami right now!
        I didn’t dress up, but it still worked out cause people really liked my Kingdom Hearts II shirt ^.^ I think I’ll definitely dress up next time though!!
        They’re tons of fun so you would definitely enjoy them!! ^.^ ESPECIALLY, if there are guests like Vic Mignogna and/or Todd Haberkorn! They’re panels and talking to guys like them are most definitely the best part of cons! Now I just need to go to a con with Vic Mignogna and Troy Baker and my life shall be complete!! \(^w^)/

      • cocoalite says :

        Wow really?? Who does he voice in Fire Emblem? I tried looking him up but nothing came up! I’m so curious now! Omg I want to go to a con now! Well mostly for shopping XD But it’d be soo cool to meet voice actors and hear their characters in their voices!

        I only watched like 3 episodes of Sword Art Online and I skimmed through the first light novel (which is really LONG for something called light..) I didn’t know it was dubbed! Thanks I’ll check it out again! I LOVE the concept though, going into a mmo game.

        Are panels like.. They talk and audience asks questions? Did you ask them anything?

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