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Creepy!!! O.o

Sooo…I decided to check out new posts from blogs to follow and (of course) I was extremely happy to see a new trailer for the new Ace Attorney game! So, of course, I clicked on it to play and began to happily watch. I was pleased to see that this trailer basically shows off the voice acting for ALL (I think?) of the script in the game especially since soon or later (hopefully soon) there will be an english version of this trailer with the english voice overs! And then…it went to what looks like the main villain of this game…they showed him being led off by officers in cuffs, then they show his face aaaand…a message comes up saying “This video is currently unavailable” My reaction: O.O Is it just me or is that really creepy…? You see the bad guys face and then the video goes down…But of course I KNOW it’s nothing like that…right? *creepy music starting to play* Doesn’t exactly help after the episode I just watched of (the very AWESOME show) “Castle”…-_-” And now, as I’m writing this post, the video on YouTube for anime music (Most Beautiful Anime Soundtracks (Volume 1) if you’re interested) has gone off too…dang it…-_-“