YES!!! *O*

So…I was looking at Sword Art Online videos on YouTube while doing my SAO review when I came across something that I’m sure will make all SAO lovers extremely happy!! And that is…A YouTube Live Action Series called “Sword Art Online Reboot”!!

I know what some of you might be thinking, “It’s gonna be crappy fanmade stuff!!!”. Well…

So, since it’s with professionals writing the script and ACTUAL good quality cameras, it should be good, right?? All I can say is, YES!!!!!! MORE SAO!!!!! >o<



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3 responses to “YES!!! *O*”

  1. redraggedfiend says :

    I thought SAO did a very nice job with dramatic pacing and shifting the setting halfway through. I’m not much on fairies but it was easy to look past because of the quality of the series.

    • videogameluver says :

      Yeah, SAO is the only show, so far, that each episode feels like 5 minutes rather than 20/25 minutes, which is pretty impressive. I also liked how they made it so they could go “2 years later” and still make it turn out perfect, even though we have no clue what happened those two years. Every second just…fit; and I was NEVER bored. Which is also why I’m excited for the dub (I don’t really mind if it’s not as good as the sub, as long as it gives me another reason to watch it again!!) and this live action series!!! Even if it’s fanmade (but by the looks of it, it’ll be good), it’s still more SAO, which makes me really happy cause they’re two of my all-time favourite things: videogames/RPG’s and anime and they made the two things fit together so well. To tell you the truth, SAO’s probably my all-time fav. anime out there and that’s competing with something like Fullmetal Alchemist and Fairy Tail! Yeah…I didn’t really like the second half as much as the first either…Anyways…sorry…I’ll stop my rant now…haha xD It’s just that I can’t really talk to any about the series cause my BF doesn’t like subbed so she refuses to watch it till the dub comes out… 😥

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