One Year Already…?!

So…supposedly it’s already been exactly one year since I started this blog! Man…time seriously flies by…O.o It’s been a year since I wrote this post:

And now that I look at it…It’s absolutely terrible…>.<

Today also marks my 50th follower!!! Anyways! I look forward to another awesome year with you guys!!! ;D


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About videogameluver

I LOVE video games, comics, manga, anime, drawing, writing, reading, listening to music (currently hooked on video game and anime music!!! :D) and more!!! WARNING!!!! I TEND TO RAMBLE LOTS SO IF YOU DON'T LIKE LONG POSTS THIS BLOG IS NOT FOR YOU!!!!! Thank you for reading this and (if you do, and if you don't it's fine :)) reading my blog!!! ^_^

2 responses to “One Year Already…?!”

  1. cocoalite says :

    CONGRATS on your first year anniversary!!!!

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