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Most Epic Deaths in Anime T_T

This video is just too amazing not to share sooo…here it is!!! ^_^




I LOVE this meme cause I am a HUGE supporter of NaLu in the anime/manga “Fairy Tail”!!! ^_^

Sorry…I just had to…ahehe xP


I recently decided I would do a “Video Fridays” on this blog so I’ll at LEAST get SOME posts on here rather than none at all! ^_^ Sooo…Here’s a clip from….DOCTOR WHO YEAH!!!!

Ahhh~ I love the Doctor and Tennent… xD

O.O Chills…(NEW FFXV Trailer)

Kay, first (man I apologize a lot on this blog…-_-“), I’m really sorry!! I’ve been really busy with school which is why I haven’t been posting…-_-”

So, the new Final Fantasy XV trailer…*passes out from awesomeness after watching new trailer*

Even if I cant understand a word they say, I still get chills every time I watch this O.O

*few minutes later after checking for the release date, sees the console it’ll be on*:

“NOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!! PS4?! NOOoooOOOooo…..” Guess I gotta start saving my money up for a PS4…T_T