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How to Pick Your Next Videogame!! ^o^

My awesome sister found this and sent it to me!!! So, now I’ll share it with you guys!! 😉

Here’s the link if you can’t read the text here:


Kingdom Hearts 3 News!

I was looking at the website when I noticed that among the Kingdom Hearts games that they listed they had…”Kingdom Hearts 3″!!! ^_^ So, naturally I clicked on it and here is what it said! ;D

Kingdom Hearts III is a confirmed future title in the Kingdom Hearts series. The director of the series, Tetsuya Nomura, has confirmed that this title will come eventually, but also that development cannot start until the “Kingdom Hearts team” is finished with Final Fantasy Versus XIII.

So, there will be a KH3 coming out (^_^ :D), but sadly they won’t start working on it till they’re done making the long-waited “Final Fantasy Versus XIII”. Also, by the looks of it, it will be released on the PlayStation3! Here’s the link to the website:

Can’t wait for it!!! ^_^

Kingdom Hearts in 10 Minutes!! ;D

Here’s this awesome, funny video some KH fans did at a con, explaining Kingdom Hearts 1, Kingdom Hearts II, Kingdom Hearts: Birth By Sleep, Kingdom Hearts: 358/2 Days and Kingdom Hearts RE:Chain of Memories! They explain it all in 10 minutes!! Enjoy! 😉



Today, “Kingdom Hearts 3D: Dream Drop Distance” finally comes out!!!! 😀 Here’s some trailers for it! 😉

Michael Grey’s Adventure With Mermaids and RPG’s

For those of who don’t know who Michael Grey is, he’s mostly known for his Nancy Drew game walkthroughs! Here’s some examples as to WHY he’s so famous…

His YouTube channel is:

If you’re interested, he also has walkthroughs for “Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney”, “Miles Edgeworth: Ace Attorney Investigations”, “Paper Mario”, “The Legend of Zelda” (Ocarina of Time and Majora’s Mask), “Professor Layton” and much more! 😉 He also tempted at playing Kingdom Hearts, but accidentally played “Re:Chain of Memories” first before any of the others and became confused storyline wise…haha 😀 Michael’s also part of a group called “Game Cola” who review games, do walkthroughs on YouTube, etc. On their YouTube channel:

they do game walk-throughs (Most of Michael’s “Ace Attorney” series is still on the gamecola channel, “999: 9 Hours, 9 Persons, 9 Doors”, “Back to the Future: The Game”, “Mega Man”, a couple “Final Fantasy” games, etc.), podcasts, some random videos (that are HILARIOUS! :D) and more! Here’s their WordPress blog, which is also the founder, Paul Franzen’s blog!

They’re also famous for their ramblings! 😀 haha Here’s an example of it from their walkthroughs for “999”! 😉 And if you want to hear a funny part go to about 17:35 in the video…hahahaha 😀 But I got to admit I feel bad for Nikola…haha

Now, onto what this post is about after I’ve let you guys know WHO GameCola and Arglefumph ARE! The latest video on GameCola’s YouTube video was their video “Is It an RPG?” where Michael tries out random supposed “RPG’s” that are for the iPod/iPhone/iPad and see if it’s ACTUALLY a RPG! My favorite part (and why this post exists) is when Michael’s checking out the “Little Mermaid” game. haha 😀 It’s at 4:05 in the video till about 6:05! 😉 So, here it is!:

haha Paul and Michael are so awesome… 😀

The Saddest Death T_T :`( *SPOILERS*

Jeez…I just realized I have a LOT of “*SPOILERS*” posts…O.O Anyways,I  would like to know what you guys think is the saddest and most emotional death in video game and anime history. By the way, this is limited to what I know sadly…sorry… :`(

Aerith Gainsborough’s Death from “Final Fantasy VII”

Zack Fair’s Death from “Final Fantasy VII: Crisis Core”

Angeal’s Death from “Final Fantasy VII: Crisis Core”

Tidus’ ‘Death’ from “Final Fantasy X” (Jeez…just listening to the ending music which I have on my MP3 makes me bawl…T_T)

Vanille and Fang’s Death…now…I can’t put up the video of that cause I haven’t finished the game myself, I just ACCIDENTALLY saw something (the FFXIII-2 trailer… and something else -_-“) that said that they sacrificed themselves…-_-” and I don’t want to ruin it anymore for myself…sorry!!!

Now, since I’ve only seen one anime (as you all very well know now…sorry…), Cowboy Bebop, I can only take from there.

Rocco Bannaro from “Session 8: Waltz For Venus” from “Cowboy Bebop” Unfortunately,  I couldn’t find a video on YouTube with it so if you guys REALLY want to watch it just go to this link and you’ll have to watch pretty much the entire session/episode…sorry!

There were a LOT of deaths (T_T) in the last sessions of Bebop so…here they are…

Annie (I couldn’t find a clip)

Julia (This is the best I could find…sorry guys…-_-“)

Shin (Okay, you got to admit this was a pretty sad death even though it was quick and meant not to be as big as Julia’s death scene) Unfortunately, I was unable to find the EXACT moment by itself in a vid so, you guys are going to have to skip to about 2:15 in the video till about 2:40.

And finally…Spike’s ‘Death’ (the creator himself says he’s unsure if Spike is actually dead or not so…he might still be alive!!! 😀 There are also speculations that Spike died after his fall in Session 5 “Ballad of Fallen Angels” and the rest of the series is “Just a dream…”)… T_T :`( Just watch the entire video above for Spike’s ‘death’…

From Kingdom Hearts:

Xion from “Kingdom Hearts: 358/2 Days”

I’m pretty sure I’m probably forgetting some from KH, but I can’t remember any right now…If I do I MIGHT add it…

Clair’s Death from “Professor Layton and the Unwound Future” (cutscene at 3:28-6:00):

Mia  Fey’s Death from “Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney – Case 2 ‘Turnabout Sisters’ (You can watch the entire vid, but if you want just watch from the beginning to about 8:40):

Misty Fey’s Death (There isn’t really a cutscene I’m pretty sure for this)

I know this is a bit different from video games and anime, but I’ll put “The Death of Spider-Man” in here cause it’s the first comic to make me cry while reading it! Also, there was a video done up for it, however it’s not the ENTIRE issue as I found out after actually reading it…haha 😉

And of course “OTHER” if there’s any others you guys can think of! 😉

Let me know what you guys think in the comments section! 😀 😉

My Drawings! :D

As I told you guys in my very first post:

I love to draw! So, I thought I would show you guys some of my drawings!! Just to warn you though they aren’t that good and some of them may be hard to see because I was having problems with the scanner and my sister or my dad isn’t home right now to help with it… -_-” So, I’m REALLY sorry, but if I can fix it I’ll edit in the better one!! So, here they are!

Tifa Lockhart from “Final Fantasy VII”:

“The Lake Scene” from “Final Fantasy X”:

Sora from “Kingdom Hearts II (2)”:

Spike Spiegel from “Cowboy Bebop” (I mostly did this picture because of his eyes and by the way one eye is SUPPOSED to be lighter/darker than the other):

One of my drawings from one of Mark Crilley’s “How-Draw-Manga” videos on YouTube!:

Another drawing from one of Mark Crilley’s videos:

My onomatopoeia drawing I had to do for school. I decided to do the famous “OBJECTION!” from “Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney”!!! 😀

My Aerith Gainsborough picture I did of Aerith. It’s from the movie “Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children COMPLETE”! It’s…okay…I wish I could have done better though…For example some of the shading is off because I couldn’t tell until I scanned it into the computer…-_-”

And that’s all I’ll show you guys for now! 🙂 I know they aren’t that good, but I still love drawing!! 😀

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