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Most Epic Deaths in Anime T_T

This video is just too amazing not to share sooo…here it is!!! ^_^




I LOVE this meme cause I am a HUGE supporter of NaLu in the anime/manga “Fairy Tail”!!! ^_^

Sorry…I just had to…ahehe xP

⚔ Sword Art Online Review ⚔

There’s one anime that’s probably THE best anime EVER for a geeks (like me) who LOVE video games and RPGs!! And that anime is…


As you can probably tell already from the title and what I’ve already told you, SAO is about a VRMMORPG (Virtual Reality Mass Multi Online Role Playing Game) called…well…”Sword Art Online”! It follows Kazuto Kirigaya aka Kirito-kun (his screen name) as he plays many online games.

SAO takes place in the year 2022 where technology has advanced so much that there’s now a game console called “Nerve Gear”, which is a helmet that you place on your head. It allows players to go into the game itself by sending messages to the brain that fools it into thinking that you’re in the game physically.

Only 10,000 copies of the new highly anticipated game SAO for the Nerve Gear are sold to gamers and for a very good reason. After a few hours of playing and walking through the world, Aincrad, all 10,000 players are teleported back to the town plaza where they are welcomed by the creator of SAO, Kayaba Akihiko. He informs everyone about something that turns their lives into a living hell.

No player is allowed to log out of the game once they log in. There are only two ways to escape the game: if your HP level reaches zero, in which you won’t only die in just the game, but also in real life, or if you defeat all 100 levels of the game. Also, if someone, such as a family member, tries to take the Nerve Gear helmet off (which some have already tried, 213 to be exact), something in the Nerve Gear that acts like a microwave will turn on and fry your brain, killing you. By the end of the episode it tells you that, after just one month, 2,000 players’ HP levels have reached zero.

Along the way, Kirito becomes one of the strongest players and meets a girl named Asuna who he fights alongside with. They go through many emotional events, both by themselves and together.

The series then continues in what is considered the second season called “ALfheim Online” aka the Fairy Dance Arc (which I won’t say anything more about cause I’m trying my hardest to make this review spoiler-free).

Here’s the trailer for the upcoming (this summerish) English dub (since I couldn’t find the official Japanese one)! ^.^

Here’s a couple of examples of how epic and awesome the battles are in SAO!

And…some AMVs to further show how great this anime is:


There’s also light novels and a manga for SAO!!

The final verdict…I give this series a 9.5/10!! ^_^ Now go on!!! Stop reading this and watch it already!!! 😉

Nin-Nin! >o<

If you’ve ever watched and/or read “Fairy Tail” I’m sure you’ll remember way back in the beginning of the series when Natsu tried and failed at being a ninja… xD (Go to 2:22 to skip to “Nin-nin”!!!)

And from the manga version:

Fairy Tail 6 - Page 5

Fairy Tail 6 - Page 6

Fairy Tail 6 - Page 7

haha Ohhh Natsu… xD

♫ Angel Beats Review Time!! ♪

Angel Beats” is an AMAZING anime that I just finished today! It’s got a combined genre of action, supernatural, humor, school life and romance that’s sure to please both guys and girls!!!

This anime is 13 episodes long and each one is perfectly scripted and leaves you wanting more at the end of each one, even the tear-jerking finale. It follows the story of the main character Yuzuru Otanashi and the rest of the Afterlife Battlefront (aka the SSS). Now, let me explain about the “Afterlife” part of that name cause those of you who haven’t watched this amazing anime are probably curious now…”Angel Beats!” takes place in the afterlife, only it’s not quite heaven; It’s a world created by God for those who still have regrets from their lives back when they were alive and those who feel God dealt them a terrible and unfair life. He created it so, before they move onto Heaven, they can be at peace.

The series starts off “Lost”-style with Otanashi waking up lying on the ground in a school uniform and not remembering anything, except his last name, Otanashi. His thoughts are interrupted when an unknown girl to his left says “You up yet?” This girl is bad a__ Yuri (also known as Yurippe by her friends) Nakamura. She tries to explain to Otanashi that he’s dead and in the afterlife, but of course he doesn’t believe her. That is, he doesn’t believe her until Angel (aka Kanade later on in the series) stabs him in the heart after he asks her to prove that he “can’t die since I already did!” Angel/Kanade is this world’s school’s student body president. She’s also the Afterlife Battlefront’s greatest enemy because Yuri believes that she’s one of God’s angels because of supernatural-like powers she has where she can withdraw a blade from her hand and more.

To explain things further (and better), in this underworld, the occupants have to go to high school only it’s a bit different from school when you’re alive. That difference is the staff and a majority of the students aren’t human. They’re called (as Yuri and everyone else like to call them) NPC’s, also known as “Non-Playable Characters”, like in video games. NPC’s are the exact same as human beings only they have no human soul so they have no personality.

Also, since they’re already dead, they are some-what immortal, except they can still feel pain, including the pain of death when getting shot, sliced to bits, squashed and many more gory deaths.

The Afterlife Battlefront’s main mission is to keep from getting obliterated (pass on to Heaven) and go up against God for giving them all such unfair and painful lives. In order to do this they create missions to try to get “Angel” to show them where God is. During some of these missions they create a diversion that’s created by their girl rock band called “Girls Dead Monster” that includes Iwasawa, Hisako, Sekine and Irie.

Throughout the series you learn about Yuri, Hinata, Yui, Iwasawa and Otanashi (once he regains his memories)’s sad and hard lives. This series will be sure to make you want to cry, if not actually cry, even if you’re a guy. It has just the right mix of action, romance and humor in it. Even the music both played in the background and played by “Dead Girls Monster” is breath-taking and mind-blowing music. Here’s a taste of what some of “Girls Dead Monster” sounds like:

…And the emotional, epic music that plays in the background:

This series is definitely in my top 5 all-time favorite animes and gets a 10/10 from me!!! ^.^

WARNING TO CHRISTIANS (like moi): There are some jokes in here and some of the main plot that may be offensive to you!! Just a heads up!!!


  • There are two OVAs for “Angel Beats!”, one is called “Stairway to Heaven” and the other is called “Another Epilogue” (which I recommend watching, but just to warn you, I don’t think there’s an English dub)
  • There’s an ongoing prequel manga called “Angel Beats! Heaven’s Door” that focuses on the rest of the gang’s lives when they were alive and how it all came to be before Otanashi came along.
  • For those of you who like to leave as soon as the credits roll, when you watch the very last episode of Angel Beats you’ll want to watch till the VERY END OF THE VIDEO 😉
  • And to end off this post here’s a clip from episode 5: “Favorite Flavour”! ^.^ (P.S. Sorry, but you have to click on the title below to watch it…for some reason the video itself isn’t showing up…-_-“)

Angel Beats funny scenes part 4

If you’re interested in “Angel Beats!”, here’s the link to the anime:

And the link for the manga if you would like to read it!

Peace out!!! >o< ♥

I really should’ve waited for the next chapter to come out…-_-“

Cause NOW I’ve been left on this HUUUUGE cliff-hanger….T_T I KNEW I shouldn’t have read it yet…-_-” >.<

Jeez Sophie-chan…-_-“

It’s kinda funny that the amazing and incredibly talented Sophie-chan on YouTube just posted a video of her drawing Sasuke and Naruto from “Naruto” when I just started reading it a month or two ago…o.o Anyways!! Check out this amazing drawing Sophie did!!! ^.^

Check out more of drawings on her YouTube account!

Well THAT’S Gotta Be Awkward…o.o

This is from the “Lovely Complex” manga in chapter 4! ^.^

Lovely Complex 4 at MangaFox.meLovely Complex 4 at MangaFox.meLovely Complex 4 at MangaFox.meLovely Complex 4 at MangaFox.meUhhhh…well this should turn out interestingly…o.o

P.S. Sorry if you guys thought I died or something…O.O Just been SUUUPER busy with a LOT of things!!!!! I AM SOOOO SORRY!!!!!! -_-“

The Amazing Things Friends Will Do For Us…^.^

This is from Strobe Edge chapter 32! ^.^

Strobe Edge 32 - Page 31

Strobe Edge 32 - Page 32By the way, if you didn’t catch it, Ren (the guy) secretly likes the main character Ninako and Ninako (of course…since it’s a romance shoujo) likes Ren too, but they both don’t kknow that so Ninako’s friend is basically trying to help Ninako out here! ^.^

Dengeki Daisy Review ^_^ <3

I know I said that I was going to do reviews for “Fullmetal Alchemist”, “Kimi ni Todoke” and “Crazy For You”, but I also just started reading “Dengeki Daisy” and I thought I might as well do a review for it while it’s fresh in my mind! ^_^

Okay! This shoujo romance is called “Dengeki Daisy” and it’s by Motomi Kyousuke!

It starts off with a memory from the past with the main character (girl in the pic above), Teru Kurebayashi and her brother Soichiro Kurebayashi in a hospital. On his death-bed, Teru’s brother gives her a cell phone and says that “This phone is connected to ‘Daisy’. When you’re feeling lonely or when you’re in a pinch, you can contact him anytime.”

Then, it goes to the present where Teru is at school and getting bullied by the student council members, again. Teru does something to anger them and they’re closing in on her when someone whips one of them with a ball. They run away and Teru and her friend Kiyoshi stand there wondering where the ball came from because there’s no one else there. After concluding that it came from the grounds, Teru tries to throw the ball back over there, but accidentally ends up breaking a window because she has REALLY bad aim. Kiyoshi grabs Teru and they run back inside in fear for getting caught because they’re poor, so they can’t pay for it.

It skips to the next day and Teru goes to class to find a man sitting on top of one of the desks and everyone staring at him in fear. Teru asks what’s wrong and why someone’s in work clothes (the guy sitting on top of the desk looks young so Teru mistakes him for a student) when the man asks “The one who broke the window at the back garden yesterday…WHO WAS IT?” Teru eventually confesses to breaking the window, but explains that she has no money to pay for it. She then ends up working for this guy who is actually Tasuku Kurosaki, the school janitor. Kurosaki is VERY lazy at times, making Teru do all the work while he plays mahjong on his laptop, rude, arrogant, sarcastic, buuut he also has a soft, gentle side to him (well, he doesn’t show it that often unless Teru’s upset or something though…). ^_^ Throughout the manga Teru works as Kurosaki’s “servant”(as he likes to call her), but they gradually grow closer and develop feelings for each other.

Another important part of the plot which I should just MAYBE explain is that Teru texts DAISY (hence the title) on a regular basis and receives encouraging words and advice back from him, but he never reveals his identity to Teru. Teru describes him as kind and gentle like her brother. It’s pretty obvious from the beginning so I’ll just say it right now (sorry if anyone didn’t want to know yet). Kurosaki is actually DAISY. He was told by Teru’s brother to protect Teru when he was gone because of….something that would be a HUUGE spoiler…ehehe Him being DAISY makes it sometimes difficult for him being with Teru every single day, especially when something happens and Teru ends up living with him for a while. O.O Aaand….when something like THIS happens when they went shopping for cheesecake after Kurosaki lost a bet…

Dengeki Daisy 12 - Page 7

Dengeki Daisy 12 - Page 8

They go through quite a few hardships and Kurosaki is always quarreling with himself when he gets to close to Teru because of something in his past that haunts him. Kurosaki is actually also a hacker, which helps Teru, but also puts the both of them in danger at times. Aaaand…I think that’s it for plot wise, minus spoilers…if there’s anything important that I missed PLEASE let me know!! Also…why isn’t this an anime yet?! There’s 12 volumes and they haven’t yet?! T_T

Rating: 5/5 stars!!! ***** I have been reading this manga so NON-STOP that I’m already on volume 5 and I JUST started reading it last week on Friday…o.o


In volume 3, when Kurosaki and Teru go swimsuit shopping (long story why… xD) Kurosaki tells Teru to change the CD and the song that plays when she puts one in is the very famous song “Time After Time” by Cyndi Lauper!

Dengeki Daisy 13 - Page 5

Cyndi Lauper – Time After Time – YouTube

It also plays a REALLY important part to plot, too…but it’s a spoiler so I won’t say anything…

Here’s some AWESOME AMV’s (Anime Music Video) I found on YouTube for Dengeki Daisy! ^.^ By the way the last one has HUUUGE spoilers so if you’re planning to read it DO NOT WATCH THE LAST AMV!!!!

MINOR spoiler alert here…

I think this is the best one, buuuut….it has the most spoilers…T_T D’: haha >o<

Here’s the link for the manga to read it online! ^.^

If you’re a total sucker for romances CHECK THIS MANGA OUT!!!!! 😉 ^O^