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I LOVE this meme cause I am a HUGE supporter of NaLu in the anime/manga “Fairy Tail”!!! ^_^

Sorry…I just had to…ahehe xP



I recently decided I would do a “Video Fridays” on this blog so I’ll at LEAST get SOME posts on here rather than none at all! ^_^ Sooo…Here’s a clip from….DOCTOR WHO YEAH!!!!

Ahhh~ I love the Doctor and Tennent… xD


‘Kay I know this isn’t my usual video game/anime post, but I thought I would do a post about this cause 1. I know my BF and other people I know would probably like to know about this and 2. IT’S DIVERGENT FOR CRYING OUT LOUD!!!!


Is it asking too much that I still want more? 😥 I keep watching it over and over again…Hey, I’m sure I’m not the only one doing it…right? xD I’m so happy that Nikita (well, that’s her character’s name in the TV show “Nikita”) is playing Tori and Four looks exactly like I pictured him!! Ahhh…!! Now I have to go and reread the books…and watch this teaser a billion times more…xD

WOOHOO!!! MORE SAO (kinda…)!! ^o^

Okay, so I know I haven’t been posting much (more like AT ALL >.<), but I promise I’ll post ACTUAL posts soon!! I PROMISE!!! I AM SO SORRY!!! >.< That aside, I thought that I would just let any SAO (Sword Art Online) fans out there know that you can watch the first 7 English dubbed episodes online for free now!! And I am going to give you guys the links for them! ^_^

If you’ve never heard of SAO, shame on you!!  you can check out my review of the series here! ^w^ If you’re into anime and video games (specifically RPGs) then you’ll most likely love this series as much as I do!

Again, I promise to get some more real posts up soon to make up for the lack of them! SOO SORRY!! >.


Saki…A Terrorist? O.o

This is a clip from the first movie in the “Eden of the East” franchise, “King of Eden”! Man…times like these remind me why I love Takizawa so much! ^o^

I absolutely love his face when he says “KABOOM!!!”!!! xD

One Year Already…?!

So…supposedly it’s already been exactly one year since I started this blog! Man…time seriously flies by…O.o It’s been a year since I wrote this post:

And now that I look at it…It’s absolutely terrible…>.<

Today also marks my 50th follower!!! Anyways! I look forward to another awesome year with you guys!!! ;D

YES!!! *O*

So…I was looking at Sword Art Online videos on YouTube while doing my SAO review when I came across something that I’m sure will make all SAO lovers extremely happy!! And that is…A YouTube Live Action Series called “Sword Art Online Reboot”!!

I know what some of you might be thinking, “It’s gonna be crappy fanmade stuff!!!”. Well…

So, since it’s with professionals writing the script and ACTUAL good quality cameras, it should be good, right?? All I can say is, YES!!!!!! MORE SAO!!!!! >o<


Creepy!!! O.o

Sooo…I decided to check out new posts from blogs to follow and (of course) I was extremely happy to see a new trailer for the new Ace Attorney game! So, of course, I clicked on it to play and began to happily watch. I was pleased to see that this trailer basically shows off the voice acting for ALL (I think?) of the script in the game especially since soon or later (hopefully soon) there will be an english version of this trailer with the english voice overs! And then…it went to what looks like the main villain of this game…they showed him being led off by officers in cuffs, then they show his face aaaand…a message comes up saying “This video is currently unavailable” My reaction: O.O Is it just me or is that really creepy…? You see the bad guys face and then the video goes down…But of course I KNOW it’s nothing like that…right? *creepy music starting to play* Doesn’t exactly help after the episode I just watched of (the very AWESOME show) “Castle”…-_-” And now, as I’m writing this post, the video on YouTube for anime music (Most Beautiful Anime Soundtracks (Volume 1) if you’re interested) has gone off too…dang it…-_-“

I’m So Excited!! *CUE MUSIC*

I am now 22 minutes (according to the PlayStation) away from playing Final Fantasy VII!!! ^o^ Man…FFVII was the game that got me into Final Fantasy and now I can FINALLY play it instead of watching it on YouTube! xD I can NOT wait to watch that Shin-Ra train roll down those tracks and watch Cloud jump off… 🙂 As I “patiently” wait, I’m just watching random Final Fantasy videos on YouTube like “Final Fantasy – History Of”, “LOVELESS recited by Genesis” and then I’ll probably watch more. My only concern about playing this game is I KNOW I’m gonna weep like a baby when I see Aerith/Aeris die…and during the flashback with Zack… 😥 Oh well… 😉


HAPPY NEW YEAR EVERYONE!!!!!!! 😉 ^O^ Say goodbye to 2012 and hi to 2013 and a new year!!! 😀

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